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Adoption Process

At the heart of all adoption services is the wish to see children happy, safe and well-cared-for by loving families.

Because of this, it’s absolutely essential that as an Adoption Agency we make sure that potential adoptive parents are properly able to care for an adopted child who joins their family.

It’s equally important to ensure that a good match is made between child and adoptive family. Anybody who would like to adopt a child in the UK and in the North West region must first complete the adoption approval process.

What is the Adoption Approval Process?

The adoption approval process is divided into two stages Stage One and Stage Two and usually takes no longer than six months.

This amount of time is needed for us to be able to make a worthwhile assessment of the suitability of the prospective adopters, and of the good match between them and the child.

At the forefront of all adoption decisions is to find our children their forever families and with our support, we can help find the best possible match for all those involved and those considering adopting in Lancashire.

What if I’ve already adopted before?

Those who have been previously approved for adoption in the North West may be eligible for a fast-track adoption process, which when applicable, avoids the pre-assessment decision stage, speeding up the time taken to welcome an adopted child into your family.

In some circumstances, a child who is currently living with foster parents may be approved for adoption. Click here to learn more about fostering for adoption.

Who decides if I can adopt?

An Adoption Panel will make this decision. This comprises of professional people who have experience in adoption work as well as legal and medical advisors who together, will review your application to adopt a child.

Read more about the Adoption Panel


What Now?

Please feel free to browse the site and learn all you need to know about adopting a child and our North West adoption services.

If you have any questions or if there is anything you are struggling to find, give the Adoption Team a call on 01253 477888; we’re ready and waiting to help you start your adoption journey. Alternatively, get in touch via our Contact page.

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