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Adoption Panel

The Adoption Panel comprises of professional people who have experience in adoption work, as well as independent members who have personal knowledge or experience of adoption. Legal and medical advisors will also usually be present at our panel meetings; you are invited to attend alongside your social worker. Together, a review will be made of your application to adopt a child.

Although attending Adoption Panel may sound like it could be a daunting process, we work hard to ensure that you understand what is happening and why, and that you feel comfortable during your attendance.

Because we are thorough in our processes, preparation, training and assessment of reports - your case is likely to result in you being deemed suitable to adopt. We’re delighted to say that in the last 12 months (2012-2013) 100% of the cases presented to our Adoption Panel were successful.

The Panel will read and consider your Prospective Adopter's Report and make a recommendation. A decision then needs to be made by the Adoption Agency Decision Maker who will either approve or disagree with the recommendation given. This is within seven working days of receipt of the Adoption Panel minutes.

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If You Are Unsuccessful

In the event that you are deemed not suitable to adopt, you have the right to make representations to the agency, or apply for an independent review via the Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) within 40 days.

We fully understand this in an highly emotional outcome, so we will work with you to help you understand the decision, and provide the support you need.

The Adoption Agency Panel and Agency Decision Maker needs to put the needs of children first, so there cannot be any concerns or doubts about your suitability to adopt.

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