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Fast Track

There are circumstances where the adoption process, which usually takes around 6 months, can be sped up.

If you are an approved foster carer who wishes to adopt or have adopted previously the process should not be as lengthy. The pre assessment decision stage may not always be a necessary part of your adoption process, as you may have previously filled the criteria for this assessment. We cannot guarantee this will be the case, as your application might be affected by the time period that has elapsed since your first assessment, or whether there have been any changes in your circumstances.

Generally we, as the Adoption Agency, must decide whether you, the prospective adopter is suitable to adopt a child within 4 months of the date on which you formally registered your interest in adopting a child. As with all parts of the adoption process, the outcome will be decided on an individual level.

If you have fostered or have previously been approved for adoption, you may be able to submit a fast-track application with us. If you’d like to find out whether this option is open to you, please do contact us or request a callback and we’ll discuss your options for adoption.

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