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Placing a Child

Matching You With a Child

Once you have been approved as a prospective adopter by the adoption Agency Panel, we will then begin the process of matching you with a child. We will draw up a ‘matching plan’ to help us to work together to identify and successfully match you with a child or children.

The child could be from the local area, the North West, or from further afield.

Blackpool is a member of Adopt North West, a consortium of adoption agencies in the North West who work together matching children with adopters in a timely manner. Adopt North West holds this information on a database and your details will be added.

If we haven’t placed a child with you within 3 months, we will then add your details to the National Adoption Register.  This lists information on children waiting for adoption, and approved prospective adopters who are ready and waiting to adopt a child.

Suitable Match

When you are identified as a potentially suitable prospective adopter for a specific child, we will provide you with all the information you need about the child, including a background report and medical information. If everybody is happy to proceed, you will then be visited by the child’s social worker, and then by their foster carer.

We will draw up an adoption placement report and adoption support plan which will detail the required support, and a list of all the relevant factors which make you a suitable match. Any specific needs the child may have, such as contact with birth families or medical conditions will also be included.

At this point, the Agency Adoption Panel from the area in which the child lives will then consider the recommendation in relation to the proposed placement, which will be determined by the Agency decision maker.

Placement With a Child

After your placement is approved, a planning meeting will be held to arrange a programme of introductions between you and the child. You will be delegated day to day parental responsibilities for the child by the local authority. The introductions will vary considerably depending on such factors such as the child’s age and understanding, and travel distances involved.

These arrangements are planned to best meet the needs of the child, and will be reviewed during this period.

A review meeting will also take place after the introductions to ensure the child is settling in your care and you are receiving the support you require.

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