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Stage Two

The second stage of the adoption process should take 4 months, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

During this time we will:

•    Provide you with a stage two plan (agreement)
•    Provide you with a more personalised approach as part of the assessment process
•    Assess your suitability to adopt thoroughly, producing a report known as the prospective adopters report
•    Prepare you for adoption panel

During your assessment, your allocated social worker’s task is to consider whether you are suitable to adopt, and what type of child or children you would best be able to care for.

Your social worker will ask you about your feelings towards supporting your future adopted child, and the experiences he or she may have had before coming to live with you.

You will also need to think about your feelings towards your child’s birth family, the reasons the child needs a new family, and how you would feel about maintaining some level of contact between the child and their birth family.

We will be interested in your reasons for wanting to adopt and want to know about any experience you have with children and childcare, for example you may have children in your extended family or you may volunteer at your local school or nursery.

Your worker will ask if you are planning to return to work or, for example, reduce your working hours to care for your child.

Your prospective adopter report prepared by your social worker is then presented to the adoption panel.

Find out more about the assessment process by contacting us on 01253 477888 or fill out your details here.

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Did You Know…?

  • During the assessment process you will be assigned a social worker
  • Reports will be written evidencing your suitability to adopt

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