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Birth Families

It’s a very common question people have when thinking about adoption - How do I talk to my adopted child about their birth family?


All adopted children have the right to know about their origins, and past history. Honesty and openness will help your adopted child to make sense of their identity and background.

The situations that lead to a child needing to be adopted are very varied, and the subsequent relationship between a child and their birth family will depend on a number of factors, with decisions always made with the child’s safety, happiness and wellbeing put first.

It may be appropriate for your child to keep in contact with their birth family or previous carers. In some circumstances you may be able to meet your child's birth parents in a pre-planned one off meeting, during which all parties are supported.

The majority of contact is indirect and involves the exchange letters. This is usually via a mailbox scheme and is managed by the Adoption Agency who placed your child. You will not be alone in managing contact arrangements or any other issues you may face.


Blackpool Council Adoption Services are here for you through every step of the adoption process, and we know that the adoption itself is only the start of an important journey. We strive to provide comprehensive post-adoption support, and we’ll be here to answer any questions, or help your new family, however we can.

You can learn more about the adoption process, here, or you can get in touch with us to ask any questions you may have.

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