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Post Adoption

Help After the Adoption Order

The period after adopting a child can be a difficult one for many people. While we try to make the adoption process as comfortable as possible for everyone involved, adoption is still a significant life choice and can be emotional or stressful for many.

After the adoption order has been fulfilled, many adoptive parents can feel tired out or worried about how to go about their new daily life.

That’s why Blackpool Council Adoption Services, Lancashire’s leading adoption agency, do all that we can to make sure that new adoptive families receive the support they need to adapt to their new life in a happy and positive way.

We don’t want you to feel ‘left by yourself’, so we provide a wealth of adoption support services in Lancashire and the surrounding North West area with contact points, advice, and assistance to make sure the post-adoption period is the ‘new start’ it ought to be.

Here are some of the things you can benefit from a post adoption social worker:

  • Be your point of contact for any queries
  • Provide you with any continual support and training you might need
  • Ensure you receive the services you are entitled to
  • Put you in contact with other adoptive parents and families
  • Invite you to social events for adopters
  • Provide you with an assessment of support needs, including financial, if required
  • Invite you to regular adopters support groups - for example evening seminars and coffee mornings
  • Provide access and provision of specialist support services (e.g. such as Parenting Programmes using play therapy to address attachment issues)
  • Invite you to social events / family fun days held at least annually, allowing the children and their families to meet up on an informal basis
  • Assist with managing direct and indirect mailbox contact arrangements between your child and birth family members

In addition, Blackpool Adoption Agency will also fund your membership to Adoption UK or New Family Social for a year, when we accept your registration of interest form.

If you have any questions about the post adoption process in Lancashire, please feel free to Get in touch.

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