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Post Adoption for Adopted Teens

The period when an adopted child reaches the teenage years can at times prove challenging.

A child that has been adopted from a young age, prior to adolescence, will be curious about their adoption when they get to a certain age and may ask questions about the circumstances that led to their adoption.

They may ask for details about their birth families, and wonder what led to their adoption. Most children will have a life story book which parents are encouraged to use to explain their adoption journey within the family from a young age.

How can Blackpool Council Adoption Agency help?

We offer a comprehensive range of post adoption services including training sessions, workshops and consultation groups where you can meet other adoptive families.

By knowing and understanding your teen and the challenges they face, you will learn how best to help them; and we’re here to assist where required.

Our agency can provide a wealth of contact points and assistance. With events, workshops and consultation groups aimed at young people – there are a number of opportunities where they a child can discuss issues with others in a similar position.

We do all that we can to make sure that both new and existing adoptive families receive the support and advice you need to adapt to your new life in a happy and positive way.

If you would like more information on Post Adoption Support and what our friendly and experienced team offers, please do get in touch. Start the conversation by calling us on 01253 477888.

Feel overwhelmed by adoption jargon and terminology? Here is an in-depth Glossary of key terms and phrases used.

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