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£30m Boost For Adoption Services | News

In addition to the recent £19.3million Adoption Support Fund, local authorities are to receive an extra £30million to help speed up the matching process for many children.

The funding, to be included in the Summer Budget, will cover the fee usually incurred by authorities to find parents outside their local area.

The fee covers the cost of finding, assessing and matching a parent and child. Adoptive parents are either found by another local authority or by a voluntary sector agency.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "I am determined to tear down the barriers to children in care being found loving adoptive parents. The average time it takes to place a child with a new family has been falling and I am delighted we are able to offer this funding to try to ensure it falls further."

The £30m funding could pay for more than a third of the 3,000 children currently in care to find a home.


For more information about the announcement which comes ahead of Wednesday's budget


Published: Wednesday 8th July, 2015

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