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Celebrate Brother’s Day - 24th May 2015 | Blog

Adopted brothers

Brother’s Day is a national day dedicated to celebrating the bond between brothers.

This year the special day in the UK falls on 24th May, and it is the perfect occasion to tell your sibling how much he means to you!

Brothers are not defined by the blood that runs through our veins but by the events and experiences which have united you.

When adopted siblings join a family, it is important that any children already in the family are carefully considered and well prepared.

It can be a challenging time when an adopted sibling comes into the home. That’s why here at Blackpool Council Adoption Services we do all that we can to make sure that new adoptive families, receive the support they need to adopt to the new life in a happy and positive way.

The key focus for National Adoption Week last year focused on adopting siblings. That’s because every year around 4000 children in the UK need a new home.

As an adoption agency, we always strive to keep sibling groups together where possible...

Whether you adopt a child who will join your family as a brother to your existing children, or you decide to adopt a sibling group – the bond between siblings, blood related or not will always be special. Celebrate Brother’s Day together and enjoy all it brings with it.

If you are interested in adoption and are keen on helping to keep siblings together, read on...

If you meet our requirements, live within a 50 mile radius and you’d like to make further enquiries, get in touch with our Adoption Agency by:

Together we can make a difference and help place children in loving adoptive families.

Published: Sunday 24th May, 2015

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