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Celebrate Sister’s Day: 2nd August 2015 | Blog

Sister’s Day is a dedicated day to celebrate the relationship between sisters.

All siblings have the odd disagreement here and there but deep down there’s something really special about the friendship of sisterhood.

This year the special day is taking place on 2nd August and even if you don’t have a sister, you can still get involved with a girly celebration with your friends. .

Sisters are not defined by the blood that runs through your veins but by the events and experiences which have united you.

It can be a trying time when an adopted sibling comes into the home. If there are children already in the family, it’s very important that everyone is prepared and considered carefully to ensure it is a smooth and happy transition.

That’s why Blackpool Council Adoption Agency offer comprehensive training and Post Adoption Support to make the adoption process as comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

A decision to adopt a sibling group into your forever family can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Adoption is a significant life choice and it gives the children stability whilst most importantly allowing the children to remain together. We always strive to keep sibling groups together where possible.

  • I’m adopting sisters, what advice can you give me?

Although they are sisters, it’s important to treat each child on their own accord. Listen to each child; get to know their individual personalities- their likes and dislikes, as well as what their relationship is like with one another.

Encourage the siblings to stick together and help each other through the transitioning period, remember arguments and disagreements are typical sibling behaviour, but its best to ensure you encourage open communication to make sure everyone feels comfortable talking about their thoughts and feelings.

  • Can anyone adopt sisters?

We welcome adoption applications from all walks of life but if you’re not sure if you can apply, read our “Can I Adopt” page for our requirements.

Adopting two children at the same time can be demanding as well as double the fun.

  • Are adopted sisters called step sisters, half sisters or something else?

If you have an adopted sister they are simply your sister!

There is no distinction between blood and adoption. Someone is your half-sister if you have the same mum or dad but only have one parent in common. A person is your step-sister if you share no parent in common, but one of your parents then married the other parent making your family even bigger.

If you have an adopted sister, we’d love you to hear your stories! What makes your sister so special?
Send us an email to by 31.08.2015 and we’ll publish them all to celebrate National Sister's Day 2015.

If you are interested in adoption and would like to help keep siblings together, get in touch with the North West Adoption team by calling 01253 477888 or Contact Us here.

Published: Sunday 2nd August, 2015

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