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LGBT Fostering & Adoption Week 2017

Blackpool Council is backing the sixth annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Adoption and Fostering Week.

More LGBT adopters are needed to provide loving, stable homes for children in Blackpool, particularly for those over four years old and sibling groups.

The week which runs from 6-12 March is organised by New Family Social, a charity that supports LGBT adopters and foster carers across the UK.


Family on boat

There are many vulnerable children and young people in Blackpool who need a secure and loving home. Blackpool Council welcomes applications from individuals and couples across all communities to provide a safe, caring and stable home for local children.

An open event is being held on 7 March to encourage people to come forward to explore adoption or foster caring. The event is taking place at Blackpool Sports Centre between 5pm and 7.30pm and will provide information packs for prospective applicants to take away.

Cllr Graham Cain, Cabinet Secretary for Blackpool Council, said: “We know from experience that LGBT people often come to adoption and fostering with an open mind and real enthusiasm as it’s often their first choice for growing their family.

“Many of our children have had a traumatic start to life, and we’ve seen them thrive with their new parents. There is no typical foster carer or adopter – we need people with stability, love and resourcefulness who can help a child with whatever needs they may have.”

Tor Docherty, New Family Social Chief Executive, said: “Record numbers of LGBT people now choose to adopt or foster. But YouGov polling shows many believe they’ll be discriminated against by agencies, with eight in ten lesbian, gay and bisexual people expecting to face barriers if they apply to become foster parents.

“We’re delighted that Blackpool Council is supporting the week and trying to encourage more LGBT people to explore adoption or foster caring.”


To see more about LGBT adoption, see our dedicated page which includes a case study from our very own adopters - openly talking about their experiences. 

Published: Friday 3rd March, 2017

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