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The Adoption Passport - A Support Guide for Adopters | Resources

Children adopted from care can have ongoing needs and you and your child may benefit from post-adoption support. The adoption passport guides you through the services available to you.

Local Authorities provide a range of support services for adopters and their children. Every adopter is entitled to advice about these services, and you are entitled to an assessment of your needs at any time.

If you have adopted a child in England you may also be entitled to:

  • free early education for your child from the age of two (from September 2014)
  • choose which school best meets your child’s needs
  • priority access to council housing
  • Discretionary Housing payments while waiting for your child to be placed with you
  • adoption leave and pay when your child is placed with you

All adopters are also entitled to:

  • a summary of your child’s health from your Local Authority’s medical adviser
  • a ‘life-story’ book to help your child understand their early life
  • to request an assessment of your child’s special educational needs

To find out more about our Post Adoption Support and the services we offer please call 01253 477888 or email us on


Download the PDF version of the Adoption Passport by clicking here.

Published: Thursday 17th July, 2014

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