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What is the New Adoption Support Fund (ASF)? | Blog

Adoption Support Fund (ASF)

From 1 May 2015, adoptive parents throughout England can benefit from new funding under the Adoption Support Fund (ASF).

The previous Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government announced new funding to support adoptive families worth £19.3 million.

The extra funding will ensure adoptive parents, including those in the North-West, will get access to the best possible care and support. The aim is to help adopted children recover from their previous experiences, bond with their new adoptive families and settle into their new forever homes.

How will it affect you?

The Adoption Support Fund will pay for therapeutic services that are not currently provided including:

  • Cognitive therapy
  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
  • Play and Music therapy
  • Intensive family support
  • Therapeutic parenting courses and more.

Click here for a full list of the therapeutic services that the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) will pay for.


Edward Timpson, Minister for Children and Families, said:

"We know that children adopted from care have often lived through terrible experiences which do not just simply disappear once they have settled with their new families.

"The Adoption Support Fund will provide adoptive families with the right support - from cognitive therapy to music and play therapy and attachment based therapy - to ensure that these children have a stable and fulfilling childhood - a fundamental right for every child, no matter what their starting point in life."


Many adopted children have experienced difficult and traumatic experiences before the placement with their new family, which in some cases can often prevent them from settling into their new surroundings.

Blackpool Council already has a well-established Adoption Support Team, who provide a wealth of experience, knowledge and support - however, the additional funding will contribute towards a range of therapeutic services such as behavioural support, creative therapies and family sessions.

These will all have a positive effect on adoptive families throughout the region.

How Does it Work?

  • Get in touch with us for an assessment of your adoption support needs.
  • The local authority that placed the child with you is responsible for assessing your adoption support needs for three years after the adoption, then it becomes the responsibility of the local authority where you live. 
  • An Adoption Support Assessment will consider if therapeutic support is needed as well as the type required and if it is eligible for payments from the fund.
  • The Adoption Team will then seek the support that is available and apply directly to the Adoption Support Fund on your behalf. 
  • If funding is approved, the Adoption Support Fund then transfers the funds to us so we can purchase your support.

Am I eligible?

The £19.3 million of extra funding is available to all children adopted from care in England and not just newly adopted children.

The ASF will pay for post-adoption-order support for children adopted up to the age of 18 (25-years-old with an SEN statement).

Support will also be considered for children prior to the making of an adoption order.

It is not applicable to inter-country adoptions.


Prime Minister David Cameron added:

“The new Adoption Support Fund will be a lifeline for many adoptive families, helping them to access specialist services when their family needs them most. I also hope it will reassure parents thinking about embarking on the hugely rewarding journey of adoption that if challenges do arise, they will no longer be left alone to cope.”

For further guidance and information about the support we offer or any part of the adoption process, call us on 01253 477888 or email

Published: Tuesday 19th May, 2015

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