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Children's Profile - Meet Grace

About me

  •    3 years old
  •    Youngest of two children, her older sister has been previously adopted

 Little Girl

Grace says "I love to sing along to Disney films. I really love to dance, and go to classes with my friends. I used to be very shy and quiet around new people, but I am coming out of my shell and making lots of new friends as my confidence grows.” 

If I could have my own special wish

I would love a forever family who will take me for days out and watch and cheer for me in dance shows. 

Can you welcome Grace into your family and provide a loving home?

Grace loves swimming, particularly if she can go on slides afterwards. She loves animals and gets very excited to go to farms and zoo's. She has a great collection of books and loves storytime. 

Grace loves going to the beach, finding shells and building sandcastles. She is partial to an ice cream, strawberry is her favourite flavour. Being a girly girl she loves styling herself in different outfits and loves fancy dress. Her favourite at the moment is a princess costume. 

Here’s what others say

Grace is a cheerful and inquisitive little girl who is growing in confidence more and more each day! She can still at times be a little shy when meeting new people, but that doesn’t last for long. At the supermarket she likes to help at shopping and makes sure nothing is forgotten, likes to tick the items off the list as she goes along.  

What Grace needs is a forever family that can give her the security and encouragement that she needs. Whether it is one parent or two, she requires a home that can help her reach her full potential. 


If you want to adopt a child like Grace, get in touch today by calling 01253 477888. Request An Information Pack online, or Contact Us with any queries by completing our onlie form. Adopting with Blackpool Adoption Services ensures you get all the support and guidance you need, together we can make a difference.

Please note for security reasons, stock imagery is used and profile details are changed to protect the identities of the children we have waiting for adoption.  

If you would like to read about what the adoption process involves and the kind of support that is available, please take a look at our informative guides for further details. 


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