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A Birth Child's Account - How Adoption Changed Our Family

Nate has kindly spent the time to offer his thoughts of how he found the journey, being an existing child in a family who wished to expand through the means of adoption. Now, with two siblings and a few years later read on to hear what he says.....


Nate's story

‘I have had a really positive experience of adoption.

I have two adopted brothers, my first adopted brother came into our family when I was 8 years old and the second brother joined four years later. At first I was nervous, because it was all new and different, but I had always wanted a brother and to have two was so great. I get on really well with both of my brothers. I don’t view my brother’s any differently than if they were my brothers from birth and in our house I feel that we are all equal. 

During the adoption process I did feel a little anxious, there are lots of meetings and assessments, but I was also so excited. I was really looking forward to my brother moving in and from learning about him we all knew he was the right child for my family. I felt better being kept informed of how things were progressing, and it helped with some of them earlier nerves. 

I would say to another birth child that is about to experience adoption to ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid to talk to people around you, because it will help you understand things, it is often a complex process. I can honestly say that despite some little worries and nerves at the start it really was worth it and I have the family I always wanted.’ 

Written by Nate, 14


Here at Blackpool Council, we understand that adoption is a huge, life changing decision that affects the entire family. It is imperative all involved are ready and happy to start the journey together. 

We encourage prospective adopters who already have children to be as open as possible, allow time to talk openly and honestly and promote a healthy attitude towards asking questions and discussing any concerns. 

Children’s wishes and feelings are considered throughout the adoption process and your dedicated social worker will be on hand to support and advise where necessary. For successful applicants who go on to be matched with a child, our Post Adoption Team hold consultation group sessions specifically for birth children to talk about their experiences and ask any questions they may have. 


Blackpool Council Adoption Services are looking for adoptive families to come forward who live within a 50 mile radius - you don't have to live in Blackpool to adopt with us. We currently have no waiting list to get the process started. 

If you'd like to find out more about anything adoption, please do not hesitate to Request a Free Information Pack or Contact Us online. Alternatively you can call 01253 477888 where one of our friendly team members will happily answer any adoption related questions you may have. All enquiries are informal and pressure free - we will take the next step with you when you are ready. 

*Please note - stock imagery has been used and names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. 

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