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Children's Profile - Meet Theo

About me

  • 9 months old
  • Requires a family who can give him lifelong care and commitment 

Theo's foster carer says 'He is very aware and happy as a baby, he likes toys that light up or make noise'. 

Happy baby boy

If I could have my own special wish

Theo will be looking for a forever family who can make him giggle and take him on outings to the park - his favourite place. 

Can you welcome Theo and provide the support he needs?

Theo is a very happy and relaxed baby.  He loves to play with all sorts of toys and seems very bright and aware for his age. Confident around new people although he can be quite shy and clingy when he is tired. 

Theo has no reported health problems and it is hoped this will remain. There is a birth family history of asthma - however no symptoms have presented to date. 

Here's what others say...

The happiest baby around. Theo is always smiling and chuckling. He loves the sensory playroom at our local children's centre and is a huge fan of going to the swimming pool. He sleeps well the majority of the time and has a healthy appetite - he has a funny face he pulls when he tries new foods which has us laughing endlessly. 

Theo needs a family who are energetic and ready to help him reach his full potential. Whether it is one parent or two - a good sense of fun and positive energy would be essential. 

 Find out more

If you would like to adopt a child like Theo, have a look around the rest of our website or why don't you complete our online Contact Us form, where you can request a free information pack, or call-back. Adopting with Blackpool Adoption Services ensure you get the support and guidance you need, every step of the way. Take the first step today and together we can make a difference. 


Please note for security reasons, stock imagery is used and names and identifying factors are changed to protect the identity of our children, but do depict the types of children we have waiting for adoption. 

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