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Our Children

Children aged 0-6 are waiting for their forever families to come forward. Blackpool Council supports your adoption journey every step of the way and prides itself on finding the best possible match between child and adopter/s. 

Over 2,630* children in the UK are awaiting an adoptive family. 


One of the main reasons that children are unable to live with their birth parents is that they cannot provide the safe and consistent care that is needed.  

Our aim is to place children in a new family, as quickly as we can. At the forefront of our work is the goal of ensuring adopted children are safe, happy and thriving; and that their adoptive families are informed and supported through every step of the adoption process. You can read example profiles of children awaiting an adoptive match here. 

We provide comprehensive adoption services, from answering questions and providing advice, to guiding adoptive families through the assessment and matching processes, and on to the post adoption period. 

*Statistics from Coram BAAF correct at 31 March 2018

**We recruit prospective adopters across Lancashire and the North West up to a 50 mile radius. 

Please note stock imagery is used and any identifying details are changed to protect the identities of our children. 

Do you need more information?

Start the conversation by giving us a call on 01253 477888 or alternatively, request a free callback and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible, within 5 working days.

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