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George and Maisie

*George and Maisie are just one example of a sibling group who are currently waiting for a forever family to come forward. Blackpool Council Adoption Service strives to keep sibling groups together where possible.  


All about us

  •        Maisie is 4
  •      George is 6



  •        Need to be adopted together                                                  


If we could have our own special wish

We would like a family who can make us laugh and play games with us. We love to watch Disney films and sing along.


Maisie – I like anything Hello Kitty and everything to do with cats, they are my favourite animal.

George – I love to be outdoors and play with toys.

We both like to help make cakes and decorate them, it is really fun.


Can you welcome George and Maisie into your home and be their forever family?

Maisie and George are very close siblings, George is very protective of Maisie and they like to do things together. They are both happy, and friendly little children although Maisie can be very shy, especially around new people.

George is a very curious little boy, he likes to know how things work, and will ask a lot of questions. He likes to be helpful and organised. Routine is very important to him. They both like to play outside and love when it is hot enough to play in the paddling pool.


Here’s what others say

Maisie is an intelligent little girl who loves to learn, although sometimes finds it difficult to make friends and doesn’t like being centre of attention. Her foster carer is helping to develop her confidence and the nursery says she is making small improvements day by day.

George is a bundle of energy and enjoys being active, his favourite place to be is the park and he likes the outdoor activities the most.

They both love animals and enjoy playing with the next door neighbours pets. Maisie has a cat teddy called Pumpkin who goes everywhere with her. George is looking forward to joining a junior football team.


What these children need is an active, loving family in which they can flourish. Maisie needs assistance in overcoming her shyness and in helping her to become more independent and sociable. She is very reliant upon her foster carer when she feels uncomfortable.


They are just one example of a group of siblings who need a forever family to give them a stable, loving and supportive home together.


There are many children like Maisie and George awaiting someone like you to come forward so take the first step and find out further information about the adoption journey and contact us today.  




* For security reasons, profiles are not real but depict the types of children we have waiting for a new home.



Do you need more information?

Start the conversation by giving us a call on 01253 477888 or alternatively, request a free callback and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible, within 5 working days.

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