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Taylor says “I really like building sandcastles and paddling my feet in the sea at the beach. I like colouring books, drawing pictures and painting.”


All About Me

  •   6 years old
  •   White British

If I could have my own special wish

I would like a happy and fun family who will go on adventures and explore new places.


Can you welcome Taylor into your family and provide a loving home?

Taylor is a loving, sensitive little boy. He is friendly and very popular in his class. Taylor loves toy cars and trains, and like many little boys likes to play with his friends in the garden. He receives additional support at school - his reading skills are slightly behind for his age, so he requires a family who can provide the time and patience to help him reach his developmental milestones. Taylor loves school but struggles to concentrate at times, especially if he is finding something difficult. 


Here’s what others say

Although Taylor sometimes struggle at school, he still enjoys going and works hard on getting better at certain skills. He is a bright, energetic young boy who everybody likes to be around. Taylor loves to entertain, and loves telling jokes or showing people his magic tricks. He has just joined a club at school which is helping him come along leaps and bounds in terms of social skills and from this has made a good group of friends, which was something he had struggled with in the past. 


He took a while to settle in with his current foster carers. Taylor has unfortunately experienced a lack of consistency within a family unit prior to him coming into care so takes a while to gain trust and feel settled.


Taylor requires an adopter / adopters who have some understanding of children with additional learning needs and who can help him achieve his potential. A family who can help him develop and grow in a stable, routine environment that can encourage him to continue improving and reaching his goals.


He is just one example of the many children with additional needs who need a dedicated family to give them a permanent, supportive loving home. 


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* For security reasons, profiles are not real but depict the types of children we have waiting for a forever family.

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