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Think Differently About Adoption

Here at Blackpool Council we encourage those considering adopting a child to begin to 'think differently' from the outset. 

We are looking for families who would like to adopt a child that might be likely to wait longer for adoption. 

  • older children (between 3 and 7)
  • boys
  • children from ethnic minority and mixed heritage
  • children with additional needs 
  • siblings like George and Maisie.

 These children can find themselves waiting for up to a year longer for an adoptive placement*. 

We believe that every child we place for adoption is an asset to any family and that no child should find themselves waiting longer for reasons beyond their control. 


If you agree, you can help. 


The friendly and experienced team are on hand to assist with any questions or thoughts about the adoption process you may have. We also hold regular events throughout the North West, they are always informal in nature - so no pressure, please just turn up and learn more.


You could also request an information pack  or a free call back if you would prefer to speak to a member of our adoption team directly. 


Why should you adopt with Blackpool?

Not only do you get a dedicated social worker to assist you through the process - we also continue to support you and your family post the adoption order.  Not only do we have a post adoption support team, our adoptive families also get exclusive access to an online Blackpool Council adoption support website that contains lots of helpful articles, the latest adoption news, training and events  as well as an adopter blog.

We hold regular social events for our adoptive families, such as the summer activity day, consultation groups for both adults and children and provide various training opportunities such as seminars and workshops.

We are passionate in supporting our adopters throughout their entire adoption journey. 

*Statistics taken from Adoption 22 dataset 31/03/2016

Do you need more information?

Start the conversation by giving us a call on 01253 477888 or alternatively, request a free callback and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible, within 5 working days.

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